House of Compassion

"As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD..." Ps. 103:13

Our Vision

House of Compassion provides hope, wholeness, and healing to orphans in Ukraine. We give these children a chance to be set free from a dark and broken past so they are able to walk confidently into a bright and healthy future.

How You Can be Involved

House of Compassion has recently purchased ten lovely acres of land near Zaporozhye, which is located in the southeastern region of Ukraine. Initially, we will build a home to house eight to twelve children, but, eventually, we will grow to include additional smaller homes, a garden, walking paths, room for animals, and a traditional Ukrainian banya. There are many ways in which you can help this project become a reality and bring compassion to the orphaned children of Ukraine.
Prayer Team

Join the Prayer Team

Receive monthly updates and/or join a local prayer group in the Dover, New Hampshire, area.

Host a Presentation

Help spread the word through what you love doing best, whether it is by inviting friends over for coffee, hosting a benefit dinner, or organizing a 5k walk or race.
Building Team

Build with Us

Apply to be a member of a building team, as we have purchased land and are hoping to have it re-zoned and ready by 2018.

Join Us

Help us build a home for Ukrainian orphans.