About Us


Jessica Wyman

Jessica Wyman is the founder of House of Compassion, which began in January of 2017. Jessica has been working with orphans in Ukraine since 1997 and has dreamed of starting an orphanage since she was four years old. Jessica is excited to be heading up this meaningful project, and is grateful for all those who have helped in this journey toward opening an orphanage in Ukraine.


Galina Turchina

Galina Turchina lives with her husband in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. She is an engineer by profession, but is taking time off this year to work with House of Compassion. Needless to say, we are delighted and grateful to welcome her as our local project manager.  Galina’s heart for the orphans in her city motivates her in all she does, and greatly moves those around her.

Igor Puzenko

Igor Puzenko

Igor Puzenko began working with House of Compassion in March 2017 and is a vital part of our team. His heart for kids is evident in his passion and dedication to his floor-ball ministry. Growing up as an orphan himself, Igor understands what it is like to be a child in the orphanage system. He believes and has come to know personally that God Himself is the Father to the fatherless and it is He who cares the most for orphans.


Caren Bream

Caren Bream has been a vital part of building House of Compassion as a thriving organization. Her administrative skills, along with her passion for God and for disadvantaged children, have been a wonderful asset in getting House of Compassion off the ground. When not traveling and encouraging those she meets, Caren lives with her family and works in real estate in Pennsylvania.


Jason Wyman

Jason Wyman works as an architect in Greenwich, CT.  He has worked faithfully with Ukrainian orphans throughout his high school years and is passionate about his role in this project.  Jason is currently drawing up plans for what will become House of Compassion’s main house situated on 10 acres outside of Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

Katya Proshchenko

Katya Proshchenko currently is serving the local church in Vinnitsya, Ukraine. She recently began a successful Super Book Club ministry for children in her city and is excited to bring her experience and love to our children here in Zaporozhye. In Spring 2018, Katya will joining our team to oversee staffing and the children’s everyday life and activities. We are so excited to have her.