Building a Home

House of Compassion is founded on the belief that no child should grow up in anonymity.  Every child should have someone alongside…someone to simply say, I am here if you need me.  We want to be that someone, and show these children the Father who desperately loves them.  The LORD in Psalm 103 is YAHWEH, the God who brought His children out of Egypt–out of the land of darkness and slavery and into their Promised Land.  This is what we believe and this is what we hope for each one of the children who come through our doors.  We pray that they will be set free from the harshness of their past, a past that so easily binds them, and we want to help them walk forward in forgiveness, in healing, in freedom, and in love.

House of Compassion will be a home where children can live and grow, and learn and prosper.  Rotating houseparents will mentor the children in a loving environment, teaching them life skills so they will be prepared to live independently and take care of their own families.  The children who reside in the House of Compassion, and who eventually leave, will always have a place to which to return over the weekends, during holidays, and when they simply just want to come home.

Please become a financial partner and help make House of Compassion a reality